7 C's Ranch

7 C's Ranch 7 C's Ranch 7 C's Ranch 7 C's Ranch 7 C's Ranch 7 C's Ranch 7 C's Ranch 7 C's Ranch

7 C's Ranch

When you love deer, big deer, and you've done everything you can do


7 C's Ranch

"This is the kind of place where one can walk in and simply enjoy the fruits of good management and planning."

— Jon Kohler

7 C's Ranch

Every acre of this property is action-packed for recreational enjoyment and entertainment. Managed for over a decade, this property only 70 miles south of Jacksonville and 4 miles west of famed 15,000 acre Crescent Lake, is the epitome of North Central Florida high quality recreation. A protective high fence over 481 acres guarantees that you manage and control the entire whitetail herd amounting to approximately 150 animals. The genetics here are incredible and deer density and enjoyment of a property ten times its size. One can use the property as an income producing preserve with very nice breeding pens, yearling pens and facilities or simply scale back and enjoy the recreational benefits of years of meticulous management and breeding. There are 14 acres of food plots, 11 shed feeders, watering systems. There are 9 shooting houses, rifle and sporting clays range and elevated bow range. Additionally, there is a three dog kennel, release quail area and a ten-station pheasant shoot location. Of course, this is also the bass capital of the United States and a 5-acre lake is stocked with largemouth bass and bream. There is also a 6-inch well with 3-phase power for irrigation. If one loves big deer, North Florida outdoor recreation it is being done here. The land itself is highly stocked with very good pines that are due for thinning. The improvements are just as thought out featuring a 9,000 sf 5BR/5BA lake-front lodge. An adjoining bar/lounge with signature fireplace is a great compliment to the property. Additionally, there is everything one would need including a manager's office, large walk-in cooler and freezer, and more storages. Two airstrips are less than five miles and the beach is less than 45 minutes away. It takes a lot of money, time and effort to create a high quality recreational property like this. It took over a decade to develop this property into one of North Florida's signature whitetail properties.

7 C's Ranch

"As a father of a 3.5 year old and 6 year old with little free time I can attest that simply being able to walk into this place, turn-key with all the amenities already developed and have all of these recreational options at ones fingertips sounds very, very appealing!"

"I don't think there is much North Florida has to offer for the outdoors that can't be done here."

— Jon Kohler

of 7 C's Ranch

  • 488 acre total High-fence Preserve, Putnam County, FL
  • 481 acres are High-fenced
  • Managed for ten years to produce high Boone & Crockett scoring whitetail bucks
  • Lodge, approx 9,000 sq ft, 5BR/5BA with chef's kitchen, overlooks lake
  • X-acre lake stocked with largemouth bass & bream
  • Located 70 Mile south of Jacksonville & a Few Miles west of Crescent City
  • 15,000 acre Crescent Lake is approx four miles from the property
  • CWD inspection on the herd estimated 150 plus mixture of bucks & does
  • Operating as a licensed preserve, year-round supplemental feeding program utilizing specialized formula of pelletized feed has been in place during this time
  • Breeding pens & fawn/yearling pens with shed feeders & watering systems
  • Nine custom, elevated box stands or shooting houses, large enough for two people
  • Approx 14-acres of food plots with 11 shed feeders
  • Field with 6-inch deep well with 3 phase pump motor for irrigation, used as a ten-station Pheasant Tower Shoot location
  • Area for released quail hunting
  • 3-run dog kennel
  • Basic Sporting Clays facility with two stations
  • Bench Rest Rifle Shooting Range with a one-hundred-yard sight in target & an elevated archery practice facility
  • Pines due for thinning
  • Covered building with bar/lounge area with a fireplace, manager's office, bathroom, large walk in cooler, walk in freezer, two compartment stainless sink and commercial grade ice machine
  • Storage Shed
  • Air strip within two miles of property & asphalt strip within five miles
  • Flagler Beach is less than forty-five minutes from the property & Daytona Beach is approximately an hour away

488 +/- Acres
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