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  • 1,166± acre wild quail plantation in the prestigious Tallahassee/Thomasville plantation belt - Offered Divided
  • Located in Jefferson and Leon Counties, Florida just 12 miles from Tallahassee
  • Site of a Prehistoric Native American City and bordering state park with tallest Indian Mound in the state of Florida
  • Exceptional wildlife and wingshooting
  • 12-acre floodable duck pond across from Lake Miccosukee and additional 3.5 acre floodable duck pond
  • 6-8 quail courses and a selection of fine bird dogs
  • Established trophy deer program
  • 10± acres in excellent bass fishing lakes
  • 6,881 square foot classic revival house built by renowned builder Skip Sheffield in 2009 with matching 975 sf guest house, detached garage, and pool
  • 9 stall horse stable with tack room and office built in 2007, fenced pastures, and several gaited walking horses
  • Improvements include one of the finest kennels in the Red Hills, manager's house, three bedroom lakefront camp house, and equipment barn with office
  • Beautiful moss-draped live oaks, rolling red hills, and creek bottoms
  • Site of Miccosukee Lake Drain; one of the most beautiful natural features in North Florida
  • Lake Miccosukee on north line with some of the highest concentrations of waterfowl in North Florida
  • Proudly one of 165,000 acres of Red Hills plantations under a protective conservation easement
  • A total of 6 additional homes may be added to the current property

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Iconic Quail Plantation with Classic Revival Home

Guest Houses, Stable, Kennel - Turn-Key

1,166 Total Acres, Or May Be Divided
1,289 acres or 818 acres or 907 acres or 471 acres or 436 acres

Dear Friends and Investors,

We are proud to announce a short-lived opportunity to acquire, via a rare sealed bid auction, one of the Red Hills' prestigous quail plantations. This exclusive property features a new Greek revival home built to near perfection, and is turn-key ready to hunt quail, duck, deer, and turkey. It is strategically located for Florida residency on the Florida side of the plantation belt.

What is today Oldfields Plantation was first established circa 700AD. It is cherished by the State of Florida's Bureau of Historic Sites and Properties as the site of a "Prehistoric City" containing the tallest Indian mound (Letchworth Mound) in the State of Florida now located on the adjoining State Park. The location then, as today, was highly regarded due of the unique "lake drain" (which today is regarded as one of the most beautiful sites in North Florida) as well as a wealth of natural resources and ecological diversity. Today, the 6,300 acre Lake Miccosukee is home to one of the highest concentrations of waterfowl in Florida.

On one of Florida's earliest surveys dated 1824, today's planation was described and named "Indian Old Fields" in what are some of the State's oldest recorded records. Essentially, this site has been the "capital" of Florida longer than Tallahassee itself and perhaps Tallahassee (which is 15 minutes to the west) should have actually been founded at this location, "Florida's original capital." Its conservation/ecological/historical importance ranking which measures all properties in the State of Florida is among the highest in the state and in 2005 and 2009 the State of Florida acquired a conservation easement on Oldfields to ensure the property would never be developed.

Today, the property continues in its 30+ year tradition as being exclusively managed for recreational hunting. Its historical and ecological wealth is protected from development or with limitations on subdivision and the number of residences. The plantation is ensured to be continued to be operated for the benefit of wildlife, hunting, timber, preservation, and entertaining, and is proudly included in the ranking of over 165,000 acres of prestigious Red Hills Plantations already protected by a conservation easement.

Oldfields Plantation is among the area's most intensively managed for wildlife with an emphasis on quail, ducks, deer, and turkey. There are two floodable duck ponds totaling 15.5 acres that are widely respected in the plantation community and very prolific due to their location across from Lake Miccosukee. In a normal year 250-300 quail are harvested, five-to-six bucks green-scoring 100-140 B&C, five-to-six mature gobblers (at least three years' old) and 150-200 ducks. We recommend the spectacular hunt videos on our website. The plantation is offered "turn-key" with six-to-eight bird dogs which are a combination of pointers, setters, English cockers and five gaited walking horses. Equipment is negotiable.

The entire plantation contains 1,166± contiguous acres in Leon and Jefferson Counties. For this auction offering, the plantation may be divided into 881 acres south of the lake drain, the 408 acres north, and the 436-acre portion previously referred to as Bailey's Mill, but the preference is to keep the plantation whole as it is very difficult to find contiguous properties of this size on the Florida side of the Plantation belt.

The plantation's improvements rival anything found in the Red Hills. In 2009, one of Tallahassee's finest classic revival homes was built on the tallest hill overlooking a live oak lined driveway. The plantation also contains what is widely regarded as the finest example of a modern hunting dog kennel in either the Albany or Thomasville/Tallahassee quail belts. Additional improvements include a lake front camp house, nine-stall equestrian barn, state of the art equipment barn, manager's house, and by the main house are a matching pool house, detached garage, and saline pool.

Jon Kohler & Associates is proud to offer Oldfields via its proprietary Sealed Bid Auction process. This process is developed to cater to our high net worth plantation investors who wish to simply invest in an operating plantation without the risks and uncertainty of a typical auction. "Bids," (the amount that a buyer would be willing to enter into a binding contract (with full due diligence period)), may be submitted by September 25, 2014 at 2:00 ET to the law firm of Davis, Schnitker, Reeves and Browning. Please see Bid Form (copies available on our website). Traditional offers may be submitted prior to the auction date.

Best regards,

Jon Kohler