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  • 765 +/- acres in
    Jefferson County, FL
  • Approx ½ mile frontage on the Aucilla River
  • Raysor Creek borders the property to the north
  • Bordered by Middle Aucilla Conservation Area
  • Per the 2015 timber cruise, timber value is approx $631,705 (or $1,148 per acre on the 550 timbered acres). This includes mature hardwoods with value of apx $364,512.
  • Approx 350+/- acres convertible to open pasture
  • Major wildlife corridor off the Aucilla River
  • Good Cattle Conversion, Quail Conversion Property, and Recreational Property
  • Great Neighborhood of large landowners and plantations; in Neighborhood of Turkey Scratch Plantation, Bishop Farms
  • Great soils (Dothan, Pelham, etc)
  • Beautiful Hills; elevations from 100 ft down to 60 ft
  • Frontage on a canopy road, Big Woods Rd, and frontage on Mays Rd
  • Beautiful live oak trees
  • Great roll and great timber
  • Classic live-oak lined road frontage

Jon Kohler & Associates CONTACT

Jon Kohler

Jon Kohler

Mobile: 850-508-2999

Erica Kohler

Erica Kohler

Mobile: 850-459-8733

Big Woods Road Place Social Storm™ / Wealth Preservation

"Big Woods is one of those properties that is priced right for immediate equity. It is in the process of being converted into a higher asset class that, when finished, will be worth many times what it is today.

Big Woods is one of the crown jewels of a 3,000+ acre acquisition. This tract has both Raysor Creek and Aucilla River and great farmland quality soils which are unheard of for land in this price range. It has recently been chipped and is well on its way to being converted into a very valuable gentleman's farm or ranch. This is a property that I would be proud to own and would consider a very good investment. It will be an outstanding property when complete.

Big Woods offers some very good conservation easement opportunities and already borders other conservation lands.

If I owned this property, the first thing I would do is donate or sell a conservation easement on the Aucilla and Raysor Creek frontage. I may even sell the river frontage to the SRWMD, but restrict hunting. This would net me very little wetlands in fee and I would be left with the best land and a great neighbor. I would then put in a floodable duck pond (the property is on a major flyway and I love ducks) and clean up the enormous pines for either cattle or quail. I would then have income production on the huge hill overlooking the Aucilla basin. I would then have an exceptionally beautiful high quality, but also income-producing, property with very little invested in it.

To see the finished product I am talking about, all one has to do is look at the land across the river. There is a belt of extremely fertile and beautiful small-to-midsize family farms. It reminds me of Andy Griffith, Sunday drives, and simpler and safer times. Anyone would love to own this property."

- Jon Kohler