Overview & The Land - Chemonie

— Overview —

  • 2,410 +/- acre historic quail plantation in the Tallahassee/Thomasville Red Hills Plantation Belt
  • Located in northeast Leon County, Florida
  • Bordering Valhalla Plantation, south of Woodfield Springs, and west of Ring Oak Plantation
  • 30+/- acre Cody Lake
  • 35+/- acre duck pond "Chemonie Lake" with walk out blinds
  • Several other ponds and beautiful hardwood drains
  • Extensively managed for quail; all wild birds since around 1940
  • Horse stables
  • Kennels
  • 7,000 square foot main house overlooking Cody Lake
  • Gated entrance and paved drive to main house
  • Dogtrot style guest house adjacent to main house with four separate bed/bath suites
  • Newly built manager's house on Cody Lake
  • Three additional employee houses
  • Plantation office and headquarters
  • Equipment barn, three grain bins
  • Great deer, turkey, and duck
  • Located on a protected canopy road, designated as one of the country's most scenic roadways
  • Approximately half of the property is protected by a conservation easement with Tall Timbers; however, due to its Leon County address we are confident if a conservation easement were placed on the remaining acreage it would yield one of the highest diminutions of value of any plantation in the Red Hills. We cannot emphasize this enough. Please contact our office for more details.

Overview & The Land

One of Florida's Most Iconic Wild Quail Plantations
AND It Has A Very Valuable Leon County Florida Address


The famed historic Chemonie Plantation is now available for the first time in a generation. Chemonie is one of only 120 or so quail plantations that exist in the most exclusive of plantation neighborhoods; the Red Hills. In addition, it is located on the more tax-friendly Florida side of the belt and located in highly valuable and "bird rich" northeast Leon County. For over 125 years, wing-shooting enthusiasts have flocked to the south in the winter months for some of the finest quail hunting in the world. Chemonie has been an integral landholding since the beginning and has historic ties to the original family partnerships that owned tens of thousands of acres the best plantation lands between Thomasville and Tallahassee, including Horseshoe, Ring Oak, Foshalee, and Pebble Hill. During Antebellum times, Chemonie (back then, spelled 'Chauminoux'), was sought out by cotton heirs and heiresses of Savannah for its fertile grounds. Today, the same soil fertility produces some of the most prolific wild bird populations in the region. Under its current "modest” management, the landowner expects to move between 4-6 coveys per hour in a typical season.


The 2,410+/- acre plantation is being offered with all improvements, or the landowner would actually prefer to sell approximately 2,000 acres and he would retain the home, improvements, and 400 acres or so. There is a short window of opportunity to reassemble the 2,410 acre Chemonie offering with the 2,410 acre Valhalla Plantation (which was formerly part of Chemonie) for an impressive 4,820+/- acre Red Hills plantation.

Broker's Comments on Chemonie Plantation

"When I think of Chemonie, the first thing I think about is reverence to its history going back to its founding circa 1830 and how great a location it still is nearly 200 years later. Since the early 1900’s, Chemonie has been in quail propagation. It went from a top cotton plantation when cotton was king, to a top quail plantation when quail became king. Back then, its fertile grounds made it one of the most prosperous cotton plantations in the region. Today, the area around Chemonie is noted for the highest wild bird counts in history."

"One of the top plantation appraisers in the Southeast told me that in order to pass the MAI exam he had to get two of the three exam questions right. He said he missed the first question but got the answers to the other two correct; location and location. Chemonie reminds me of that story because in quail circles it's located in one of the most quail-prolific areas of the belt with the nearby Sunny Hill Plantation going on record of producing the highest wild quail count in history at 6 birds per acre. There is something about this area's fertility as once a cotton plantation and for raising quail today. For someone wanting to achieve ridiculously high bird counts, Chemonie is in the best place for introducing today's enhanced management programs. However, to me professionally, regardless of 3 or 6 birds per acre, I am even more impressed with the real estate investment aspects of this area. Nowhere else does a quail plantation have the opportunity to upgrade asset classes and practically double in value by simply the passage of time than in northeast Leon County. One can either sell to a developer, and we note every single high end development in Leon County was at one time a plantation, or pledge never to develop and harvest this value by a conservation easement."

— Jon Kohler


Includes established red hills quail plantation, two 30-acre lakes, 7,000+/- square foot main house, four bedroom guest house, kennels, stables, and more!

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