This Was One of the Finest Cattle Conversion Opportunities in Recent Memory in North Florida

3549± acres Just $820/Acre!

2,211± Acres of Convertible Uplands
with much of the Balance Creek Bottoms
Along the Aucilla River and Gum Creek Drain

Talquin landings

These High, Fertile Hills Have Better Soils Than Your Usual Cattle-Conversion Property Because They Used to be
Old Farm Fields

  • 3,549± acres Jefferson and Madison Counties, Florida
  • Ranch Conversion Property
  • Formerly Timberland Planted on an Old Farm
  • Very Fertile Soils
  • Borders Borders $36M Resort & Spa, Honey Lake Plantation
  • In a Neighborhood of Plantations & Ranches
  • 4.4 Miles on Gum Creek
  • 1.9 Miles on Aucilla River
  • On the More Valuable Florida Side of the GA/FL Line
  • Only 11 Miles from the Historic Town of Monticello, FL
  • Located in the SRWMD with Generous Well-Permitting
  • Conceptual Pivot Maps Are Being Assembled Now
  • Within 45 Miles of the Multi-Million Dollar Sawmill Being Built Now
    in Live Oak, FL
  • Only Approx 39 Miles from Tallahassee, FL and 35 Miles
    from Thomasville, GA
  • Highly Desirable Recreational Hunting Land

SOLD - AUGUST 25, 2014!

Broker's Comment:

"This is by far one of the best cattle-conversion opportunities on the market today. It's almost impossible to find anything with 2,000 acres of convertible farmland in this area with these types of quality soils."

McMillan Place has high fertile hills. These soils are superior to other converted timber properties as this land used to be old farm fields. Most of the timber has already been taken off the property for the cattle-conversion. There is one block of 290 acres of pre-merchantable pine that remains.

Broker's Comment:

"Once the timber and the wetlands are broken out, McMillan Place is well underneath the typical cost conversion threshold that most people use."

This property is in a neighborhood of plantations and ranches. Visit this site to see one bordering plantation, Honey Lake Plantation Resort & Spa. There are 4.4 Miles on Gum Creek and 1.9 Miles on the Aucilla River. This link (pdf download) is an excellent piece by Tall Timbers Research Station on the significance of the beloved Aucilla.

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