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Perdido Bluff Perdido Bluff Perdido Bluff Perdido Bluff Perdido Bluff Perdido Bluff Perdido Bluff Perdido Bluff Perdido Bluff Perdido Bluff Perdido Bluff

Perdido Bluff


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Perdido Bluff

We named this 3,636 acres Perdido Bluff because it's on the headwaters of Perdido Bay and the large amount of river bluff. However, the late Alex Baker named it Blackwater. In fact, he named his company after the property. He loved this property. He had a passion in his eye when he spoke about it. As one of the top three mall developers in the country, he saw the "HBU" value here and watched the market come to the property. He watched Baldwin County turn into one of the most active counties in the Southeast.

Baldwin County is tied for 8th fastest growing MSA in the nation and the fastest growing county in Alabama by population total population growth. Baldwin County has had a 43% population growth since 2000 and it one of the top 50 places to grow a business by Forbes Magazine.

While it may be somewhat confusing, you will find all of the development concepts titled "Blackwater" not "Perdido Bay." We are simply referring to the plantation as Perdido Bluff. This page is dedicated to Alex's ideas and the work that he and his team put together. No representations are being made as to the development aspects of this property or abilities to build as the working conceptual plans. We are simply passing along information that was collected that demonstrates this properties extreme "HBU" potential and Alex's vision. I am told that it would not be difficult to resurrect the conceptual plans here to move forward. I understand that on some older conceptual plans shows over 1,000 development units. We developed the 975 acre $30M+ Centerville Conservation Community and given our insight into permitting and discussing this we would base our initial math here off 900 homes. Luckily, this property is inside Baldwin County and not an incorporated town such as Fairhope, which has building moratoriums. Our further understanding is that other issues such as concurrency, archeological studies, wetland delineations etc. have all been completed. Otherwise, we understand that the latest site plan was almost voted on in the past but pulled by the seller and we do not foresee issues in resubmitting the current plan or similar plan. During the contractual period all pertinent documents will be disclosed. All of these plans we have provided are conceptual in nature. The intent on showing them is not that they can be complete as referenced but to show the conceptual possibilities as discussed internally.

Conceptually planned and major pre-development work for a 900 +/- lot coastal development on the upper Perdido Bay in what is now arguably the fastest growing county in the Southeast. Pre-development, arterial road work, some permitting and even a new sales center grace one of the most strategically located plantations left in the Gulf Coast. Investment wise we didn't think this kind of opportunity still existed. This property can be fully developed, fully or partially placed in a conservation easement or simply left as the best of the best undeveloped opportunity on the Gulf.

SW Georgia has Thomasville, Alabama has Fairhope

Perdido Buff
Perdido Buff
Perdido Buff
Perdido Buff
Perdido Buff
Perdido Buff

Conceptual Renderings:

Blackwater entrance


"Alex loved this property and AIG Baker named his last company Blackwater Resources after what he called this plantation, which was Blackwater. We have at our disposal his executives and his team who wholeheartedly too love this property and over the years have amassed an enormous amount of data, studies, delineations, and maps. Almost anything and everything one needs for determining for themselves the "higher and better use" of this property is at our disposal for qualified buyers."

"Alex was known for his attention to detail and he and his team are some of the best planners and developers in the country. He was in the top three of all mall developers, which was his main niche. I understand why. I've seen his work and you can immediately see the attention to detail and sense of place. The planning and work he did here from pre-development to land management is the same quality. What he did here isn't your ordinary conceptual site plan and pre-construction. This is the actual road map and insight from years of intellectual work from the master himself."

"Alex knew land and he knew people. He was the master at understanding how both interact. How people move about and engage their sense of space was his specialty. Anyone contemplating a future development here or anywhere can take from his ideas. This isn't an ordinary site plan or ordinary place. One can look into the details here and see he gets it. If the right person picked up where Alex left off, "Perdido Bluff" or "Blackwater" could very well give my favorite waterfront development, Palmetto Bluff, a run for its money."

"Even we had no idea a recreational plantation/coastal development opportunity of this size still existed along the Gulf Coast, much less for less than $50,000,000."

"We developed a 975 acre plantation into Centerville Conservation Community and put 70% of the land under a conservation easement. This originally $30M+ development is now the best place to live in Tallahassee, FL. We didn't have half the water resources and nowhere near the demand and unlike Baldwin County, Leon County was horrible to deal with. This property is great to recreational hold or great to move forward or great to place under a conservation easement. We paid $15,000 per acre not $4,125 per acre. Either way this investment gives every other land opportunity a pause."

- Jon Kohler

Conceptual Plans & Renderings:

These are all internal conceptual plans of various stages over a decade of thought. There is currently nothing plated. This property is currently timberland. No representations or warranties are being made. This is simply a per acre sale for a agricultural property with “higher and better use” to be determined by the next owner. These maps are presented here to show the thought process of the late Alex Baker and honor the work he has done. Once the property is put under contract his former staff is happy to answer questions and assist the qualified buyer to understand all of Alex’s conceptual ideas.


Perdido Bluff

Prices, plans, uses, dimensions, boundaries, locations, specifications, material, and availability are subject to change without notice. Illustrations are artist's depictions only. This is not an offering in the states where prior registration is required. Conceptual sketches depicted are representative of architectural styles that could be developed at Blackwater. There are currently no entitlements on the Blackwater property. There are some permits in hand that if applicable will be transferred to new owner.

of Perdido Bluff

  • 3,636 acres Plantation, Baldwin County, AL, Located between Pensacola, FL & Gulf Shores, AL
  • Arguably last great, large undeveloped intercostal property along the entire Gulf Coast
  • Located in booming Baldwin County, fastest growing County in AL & tied for 8th fastest growing MSA in the Nation!
  • Reeder Lake, a 70 +/- acre intercoastal freshwater lake w dolphins!
  • Three Additional Lakes
  • 2.5 miles on both sides of the Blackwater River
  • ¾ mile on the Perdido River/upper bay
  • Meticulously groomed & Significant pre-development complete by one of the best developers in the country
  • Preliminary Approval for 900 private lots, a conservation minded development community
  • Sales Center & Roads are Built & in Place
  • Located Just 25 minutes from Perdido Key & Perdido Pass itself is a little more than a 40 minute ride by boat
  • Located on the upper headwaters of Perdido Bay with deep water access to the Gulf
  • Contains one of the largest stands of wiregrass/longleaf in the region
  • Access road for development use already complete
  • Exceptional Uplands with fire managed wiregrass, mature longleaf pine, live oaks & a great stands of planted pine
  • Live Oaks and Magnolias scattered throughout
  • Plentiful wildlife
  • Strategically located on the Alabama side of Perdido Bay
  • Located in Baldwin County, named one of top 50 places to grow a business by Forbes Magazine!
  • Located just north of Gulf Shores & Orange Beach, AL
  • Less than 25 minute drive to white sand beaches, Pensacola FL hospitals, & shopping & 40 minutes from Fairhope, named one of the most notable small towns in America
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars of delineations, studies, engineering, etc complete
  • Simply priced at what a typical Thomasville, Albany or Charleston plantations sell for.
  • Click Here for Baldwin County Fact Book
  • Land Magazine just named Perdido Bluff Plantation as one of the nations "Fab Five" next to $250M, $75M, and $49M ranches! Click Here

3,636 +/- Acres
Now Available
$4,125 per acre



Jon Kohler

Mobile: 850-508-2999