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  • 192.8+/- acres in northeast Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida in prime location
  • One of the last best and undeveloped "close to but not quite a plantation" left in highly desirable Leon County
  • Only 17 minutes to Tallahassee's benchmark location of I-10 and Thomasville Road
  • Beautiful mix of upland pines, live oaks, pond and pastoral open fields with Orangeburg soil base
  • The headwaters of the Saint Marks River flows through southeast corner of this property
  • Exceptional higher and better use value as a strategic hold for development in a location only four miles to the I-10 - Mahan interchange, and six-and-a-half miles to Capital Circle NE
  • Mile-long paved canopied drive; Gated and very private
  • Very good wild turkey, quail, dove, and deer population
  • One-to-five +/- acre pond
  • Two modest four bedroom homes in beautiful live oak settings
  • Owned by the same family for approx 50 years
  • Very good Social Storm (tm) / Wealth Preservation Property
  • Great estate and great investment

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Although too small to be called a plantation, it looks the part. This 200+/- acre legacy property bordering northeast Tallahassee offers our three favorite things, beautiful land, great location, and value. This property is poised either to be the next Centerville, remain a legacy family property, or harvest the locational value with a conservation easement or combination thereof. It's also a great Social Storm (tm) Wealth Preservation Property. Regardless, this is now one of the best values across the Red Hills.

Beautiful Mini Plantation and Strategic Land Acquisition After 50 Years of One Ownership!


This property is like owning one's own Centerville or it could likely be the next Centerville. There are few properties like this left in Tallahassee; most are super large generational plantations! This 200+/- acre mini plantation is an extreme rarity and has been owned by the same family for 50 years. Like the big plantations and aside from a few other generational owners, almost every property between it and Tallahassee has been developed. The location is very private "end-of-the-road" with beautiful oak alley. There are quail, turkey, dove, and deer with a nice pond that fluctuates between 1 to 5 acres. Most of the land is open and parklike but for a small area of hardwoods where the St. Marks River originates. Live oaks and mature southern yellow pine are throughout the property. The two four-bedroom, 3,660 sf homes are modest and in super live oak settings. Aside from being in NE Leon County the drive to I-10 and Thomasville Rd (Tallahassees benchmark address) is a very convenient 17 minutes. At this price, it is almost impossible to find a better buy in North Florida or South Georgia.

Broker's Comment:

"We developed Centerville Conservation Community and Magnolia Hills, two of the best developments in Tallahassee today. We are particularly proud that they set the bar for conservation communities with Centerville being 70% under a conservation easement. In the future, unlike almost any other property, Tantura could do something similar. In the last ten years, practically no new developments have been built in Leon County, and builders are calling us looking for inventory. However, we are very pragmatic and now still isn't the right time for a new development, but there is no doubt this property is one of the last best undeveloped properties in eastern Leon County. (If you are interested, see our map outlining the few that are left). We have been specializing in the high quality land niche for 25 years. This is the textbook case of a property to buy, the right price, and the right time to buy it.

We don't have a crystal ball, but we know a lot about development. By all accounts, Tantura has an amazing ability to appreciate above and beyond other properties in its class. That ability can be monetized either by future development or, next year, through a conservation easement (and the 50% enhancements which Congress just made permanent). From handling the sales of other nearby properties, we have seen appraisals with extremely high diminutions (gift values) due to current development in the area. Therefore, if one didn't care about future development value, they could place a conservation easement on the property now and end up saving enough money through the donation that would effectively net the amount they actually have in the property to a price we would expect to see on a property fifty minutes away from Tallahassee, not 17 minutes to I-10 and Thomasville Road! Or, someone could do a mix of both while preserving a certain number of homesites!

Most have been to Centerville Conservation Community. Its regarded as the most beautiful development in Tallahassee. We developed it to be the role model community and we cherish it to this day. Tantura reminds me of what the Centerville land looked like a few months before we polished it. Only, I wish we had a live oak alley there and an end-of-the-road entrance, like Tantura does. For very little work and expense, Tantura can be brought up to be every bit as beautiful, or more so, as Centerville.

The single biggest comment people make about Centerville is how beautiful the land is. Tantura reminds me of what Centerville looked like when we started. For anyone who wants to live on their own Centerville, this is it!

Tantura is now priced where it's arguably one of the best real estate values in North Florida and South Georgia. Essentially, because there is no current development push, this HBU Leon County property is priced as ordinary raw land plus two modest homes. This is one of the best investment scenarios one can ask for in a high quality property. If the future world is a better place, this property would almost certainly jump asset classes and increase significantly in value. If the world is the same or worse, that value can still be monetized by restricting future development with a conservation easement. Meanwhile, one pays a slightly higher price for the location, but not on the other upsides. Depending on one's own level of outlook for the future, that easement can reserve enough homesites to still capitalize on some significant upside, but provide significant cash flow through tax savings today. Thus, this property as priced today is the perfect hedge and flagship high quality land investment. I cannot recommend this property enough."


Great Estate and Great Investment for the Future. This is a Unique Opportunity on an Undeveloped Property of this Size, Quality, and In This Location.

Now Available

188.9+/- acres w/ house for $1,227,850


or 192.8 acres w/ two houses for $1,625,850