Cordray’s Mill Plantation

Calhoun County, Georgia953± ACRES

One of Georgia’s Largest Private Waterways - An Income Producing Recreational Paradise!

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  • 953+/- acre Recreational, Farmland, and Social Storm™ property in Calhoun County, GA
  • Nearly 250 acres of private Mill Pond (trophy bass fishing and exceptional waterfowl)
    • 20+/- acres viewable from bridge
    • 40+/- acres of permanently flooded stream channels
    • 80+/- acres of flooded, semi-open fishery marsh conversion into waterfowl habitat
    • Mallard, widgeon, gadwall, teal, tree ducks, and wood ducks
  • 234+/-acres of prime irrigated farmland
    • 5 pivots, 3 water pumps
    • Exceptional deep water canal system accessing private 250-acre reservoir
    • Income production: $70k per year farmland/water lease
  • 76+/- acres of improved pasture
  • Itchawaynochaway Creek flows through the property for 1.5 miles
  • 393 +/- acres in Mixed Pine and Hardwoods
    • Used as an un-hunted wildlife preserve for the last 18 years. Exceptional deer, turkey, duck
    • SW Georgia leads the South in B&C Rankings
    • Borders the 5,600-acre famed Notchaway Plantation
    • Near the 25,000-acre Deer Run Plantation
    • Near Jones Research Center at Ichuway
  • 5 Cabins/Living Quarters:
    • 3 BD / 2 BA main cabin, walking distance to fishing pond, great wood detail (pecky cypress, live edge counters, exposed beams, and more)
    • 3 BD /2 BA lakeside cabin (rented for income)
    • 1 BD / 1 BA / ½ kitchen charming silo house
    • 4 BD / 1.5 BA converted historic church house (rented for income)
    • Nice 4 BD / 2 BA mobile home (rented for income)
  • 30 minutes to Albany, GA, 35 min to Blakely, GA, and 2 hrs 45 min to Atlanta, GA
  • 1 hour to Dothan, AL and 2 hours to Tallahassee, FL

A Legacy Recreational, Social Storm™ & Agricultural Property Steeped in History

Undoubtedly One of Georgia’s most Outstanding Private Waterbodies!

Cordrays Historical ImagesSteeped in history, Cordray’s Mill Plantation is a legacy recreational, Social Storm™, and agricultural property in Calhoun County, Georgia. Its 953+/- acres play host to endless recreation and great abundant wildlife, while simultaneously allowing for generations to gather with five living accommodations on site. Large untouched stretches of privately navigable waterways, private fishing ponds, and agricultural income production make this an exceptionally rare opportunity.

Cordray's Mill Digital Artwork by Robert Brown

Originally built to harvest the power of the famed Ichawaynochaway Creek, this property was once one of Georgia’s first resorts, home to the old grist mill, a pool, a church, a gas station, a store, and was the location of a weekly dance hall. Beginning in the 1900s, for almost 70 years, Cordray’s Mill attracted visitors from all around Georgia and had its impact on many through the years. While these historic structures are now gone, the church is still on the property and has been converted into its own living quarters. The lakeside cabin now stands along the banks where the local dance hall used to be. The property is renown in the region for its fantastic bass, bream and crappie fishing as well as being a waterfowl mecca.

“As a landowner rights advocate, I appreciate the former owner, Mrs. Edna Williams, who, back in the 1950’s, when the DOT wanted to put in a new bridge, she specifically had it recorded that no one could fish her lake from the new bridge!” - Jon Kohler

As one of the largest riparian habitats in SW Georgia, the mill pond backs up almost 250 acres of water, creating a private fishery and waterfowl habitat the likes of no other. There are two private boat ramps.

Lake Cordrays“When I was a kid, I rode the Disney’s Jungle Cruise for the first time. Even then, I thought it was a bad knock-off of the “real” waterways we have at home, but it changed my life as I realized for the first time how much people wanted a real outdoor experience. Today, I sell outdoor experiences to the tune of $500k per day and can testify that in all of those properties, I have never seen one that offers anything like this.” -  Jon Kohler

The pond dam backs up approximately 250 acres of water with the main water-based recreation consisting of approximately 20 acres by the bridge, 40 acres, with a mile of permanently flooded stream channels, and another 80 acres or so of flooded semi-open marsh like shallow fishery and waterfowl habitat.

MallardsWaterfowl of all types heavily utilize the pond with mallard, widgeon, gadwall, teal, tree ducks, and wood ducks consisting of the main species. The pond is essentially a one-of-a-kind combination of a “green tree” reservoir, open lake and marsh.

“I’ve got two mud boats, explored a lot of the wetlands across the South but I’ve never seen habitat like this. One could explore for days and fish for weeks on the permanently flooded ancient stream channel and main lake body and never fish the same place twice. The real secret to the fishery and waterfowl habitat is where the ancient hardwood forest has converted into marshland wetlands with time.” - Jon Kohler

Going FishingLong renowned for its fishing, particularly largemouth bass, a small private club has been leasing it for decades. Over time, some aquatic vegetation has choked out some open water areas and some deferred maintenance has occurred. In the past, an over-abundance of aquatic vegetation could be a big problem. However, today one can effectively and efficiently apply modern herbicides with some mechanical treatments to quickly provide more open water if that is the goal. We help advise a lot of landowners, manage our own lake and can certainly help set up a plan to accomplish the new owner’s goals!

This immediate area has been known for its wild game since the beginning of time. The Itchawaynochaway Creek itself flows through the property for 1.5 miles. Muskogee in name, meaning “place where the deer sleep,” it’s one of the most game-rich river corridors in the South. Utilizing modern management techniques as espoused by Tall Timbers and the nearby Jones Center, landowner’s here have created an abundance of wild game that the early Creek Indians could have never imagined. The region’s quail numbers and whitetail genetics are as good as it gets, and SW Georgia leads the South in B&C Rankings. The immediate neighborhood is a “who’s who” of some of the best hunting plantations in the country.

Albany Area Plantation Map

These 953 acres are included among the 350,000 acres of the famed Albany Area Plantation Belt where sportsmen from around the world flock for some of the best outdoor recreation in America. When it comes to wing shooting and deer hunting, the Albany Area Plantation belt is as good as it gets. With such diversity, the property is extremely game-rich. The current landowner loves the abundant wildlife but does not hunt.

Cabin CordraysThe main cabin itself is rustic in style, with Pecky Cypress kitchen cabinets, a live edge wood kitchen countertop, rich wood tones on the walls and floors, exposed beams, and a charming horse-trough-converted tub. The main cabin is three bedrooms and two baths.

On the Southeastern shore of the lake is a three-bedroom, two-bath lakeside cabin. It too is rustic in detail with rich wood tones, ornate lanterns, and original paneling. There is a private boat ramp. The current landowner rents this cabin out as a long-term rental for income production.

Not far from the main cabin, and closer to the ag fields and equipment barns is a quaint one-bed, one-bath silo guest house with a loft and a half kitchen for visiting guests.

Also on site is a four-bedroom, 1.5-bath converted historic church that is currently rented, and a nice, newer four-bedroom, two-bath mobile home that is currently rented out by the farm lessee.

Southwest Georgia is also known for its fertile farmland and with it some of the best infrastructure to back it up. With this, comes competitive farm rents and investors flock here for safe and consistent returns. This property contains 234 acres of some of the most fertile, irrigated farmland in America, which in today’s rapidly changing world is increasing in demand and importance by the day. There are 3 water pumps accessing the private 250-acre reservoir through a system of deep water canals to reach the 5 pivots on the property as well as leasing water rights to an adjacent farm. The current farm rent brings in considerable income and is at the top of this competitive market.

In addition, few places are more picturesque than a wooded pasture, which too is part of this property’s aesthetic and income stream through a cattle lease.

The diversity, the water resources, the ability to house friends and family, and the ability to grow fertile hard assets, and more make this property the ideal Social Storm™ property. A property that in hard times, serves as a safe retreat, and in good times, serves as the ideal place for recreation. To be able to offer friends and family a place like this to spend the next pandemic or worse is the definition of freedom and true wealth.


This is a great opportunity on a one-of-a-kind private lake, exceptional recreational property, with income production.

**Cabins come furnished. 

"This is one of those properties that the next owner is going to take it to an entirely new level and for the next ten years people are going to tell me how much they regret not doing it themselves." - Jon Kohler


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