Perhaps the Perfect Hard Asset

Nearly a decade ago, we developed our Social Storm® program to help investors buy and sell properties that exemplify the self-sufficient, independent living that is the basis of freedoms that made this country great. These properties all share the features of an “A” ranked, high-quality recreational property, but with the additional benefits of wealth preservation, a financial hedge, and safe retreat in case any one of the things the Bible or government is warning us will happen… from Global Pandemics, Terrorist Attacks, Economic collapse, famines, riots, martial law, or truly anything that threatens societal norms.

Fast-forward to 2020, and we’ve been eerily reminded that bad things can in fact happen. The outbreak of COVID-19 across the globe was a stark awakening of just how imperative a safe place to retreat and/or social distance, and a peaceful abode to relax in can be. A Social Storm property has never before been more relevant than it is now in the wake of a pandemic.

These properties are an asset that one owns where, in the case of a bad event, the entire family meets with no questions asked; in uncertain times, these properties are the perfect safe haven for your most precious asset, your family. In good times, they are a great investment and recreational property and place one would take their family and friends to make memories enjoying the outdoors. These properties have the benefits of two different asset classes; their high-quality recreational values increase in good times and in bad times their attributes help increase value, in fact it is times like these that these properties are most valuable. This has been evidenced by today’s housing market boom during COVID-19.

We recognized a key difference in most properties is that here, if the country’s stability decreases, the value and demand for these sub-asset class properties increase. These properties have: fertile soils, great water, security, great recreation, sustainable resources, and raise hard assets such as timber, cattle, crops.

The nation’s top investors and business leaders have been adding properties in this asset class to their portfolio for generations. In fact, Bill Gates is now the US’ biggest farmland owner. What most people don’t know is investors, like Gates, were also buying them for hard times as a safe retreat. Having represented many of them for nearly three decades, we have realized that there is a sub-asset class that is made of certain properties that are a natural hedge against both inflation and bad times. These are properties that investors gravitate to for safety in bad times and buy for a recreation reward in good times.

We developed this exclusive and proprietary program to help investors because we share similar views, are concerned about the same things ourselves and prioritize having such property. We also have a very strong Biblical worldview and recognize that there are many threats facing our world today. We began ranking and measuring these properties and found we could categorize them into an entirely separate asset class.

Social Storm® Key Attributes:

  1. Land Quality – History of good land stewardship, typically maintained with prescribed fire, managed as quail plantation, high-quality recreational property or ranch
  2. Security – Offers Privacy, Personal Safety, Ability to store resources, protected with high-fencing, “end of the road” property
  3. Natural Resources – Quality water resources, fertile soils, good wildlife, self-sufficient, wells, and gardens
  4. Hard Assets – Ability to raise hard assets including Timber, Cattle, or Crops
  5. Location – Easily accessible by family or friends (within two gas Tanks from the Eastern Seaboard), surrounded by like-minded neighbors
  6. Family-Friendly – Year-round enjoyment, Exceptional recreational opportunities during good times and desired go to spot during social distancing
  7. Lodging – Established lodge, house, or location for temporary housing
  8. Operational – Ease of use, necessary equipment accessible, and Like-minded individuals and team already assembled, trusted, and able to assist where needed

As a combination of high-quality recreational properties, agricultural properties, as well as hard asset storage abilities, these properties are perhaps the perfect land investment. If times are better, they go up in value along with the recreational markets and they stay in demand like the agricultural markets. Or if times are worse, they go much higher in value along with gold and other safe haven investments. It’s for investors who don’t like to own paper, gold, or other paper commodities, but fun to own, perhaps the greatest lifestyle investment.

Who should be considering adding to portfolio:

    1. Those seeking wealth preservation,
    2. Those who believe in hedges/insurance,
    3. Those who care about conservation, nature and outdoor family recreation notably hunting

We simply ask our clients if any of the many catastrophic things the government is fearing may happen – where would they go? To their house in the Hamptons or beach house on the Gulf? OR, how about their 500-acre farm in rural Southwest Georgia, Alabama, or South Carolina’s ACE Basin, in a region with with lakes, game, timber, farmland, livestock and a safe neighborhood? A place where the entire family has been before, perhaps during holidays for hunting. A place where the manager is like family and can solve any problem. A place that is a simple drive within two gas tanks of the entire eastern seaboard. Because a highly ranked Social Storm property would certainly be my first choice, given the options.

Social Storm Properties Entrance
Social Storm Properties Hunting
Social Storm Properties Logging
Social Storm Properties Farming
Social Storm Properties Cattle
Social Storm Properties Fishing
Social Storm Properties Hunting

A Few Examples of our Social Storm® Properties

Old Magnolia
4,664± acres Wakulla County, Florida
AVAILABLE $22,863,355
Old Magnolia East
1,803± acres Wakulla County, Florida
AVAILABLE $14,351,880
Serenity Plantation
1,137± acres Decatur County, Georgia
JUST LISTED $9,325,000
Owl and Moon Venue
75± acres Brooks County, Georgia
JUST LISTED $2,650,000
Red Wagyu of Madison
183± acres Madison County, Florida
JUST LISTED $1,950,000
40± acres Jasper, South Carolina
NEW PRICING $650,000
Creek Ridge
119± acres Calhoun County, Florida
AVAILABLE $358,863
Three Notch
5,060± acres Bullock County, Alabama
RECENTLY SOLD $12,650,000
Terra Chula
1,653± acres Brooks County, Georgia
RECENTLY SOLD $12,250,000
Fort Pierce
4,300± acres Baldwin County, Alabama
RECENTLY SOLD $11,900,000
Fox Creek
2,286± acres Lee County, Georgia
RECENTLY SOLD $9,032,149
Deep Creek
2,144± acres Columbia County, Florida
RECENTLY SOLD $8,500,000
Chimney Lake
566± acres Troup, Georgia
RECENTLY SOLD $4,750,000
Cordray’s Mill Plantation
953± acres Calhoun County, Georgia
RECENTLY SOLD $3,621,400
River Run Springs
379± acres Gilchrist County, Florida
RECENTLY SOLD $3,385,000
Rocky Branch
516± acres Jeff Davis County, Georgia
RECENTLY SOLD $3,200,000
Setter Run Farms
239± acres Marion County, Georgia
RECENTLY SOLD $2,750,000
Hay Pond
211± acres Jefferson, Florida
RECENTLY SOLD $2,525,000
Harper’s Pond
235± acres Hampton, South Carolina
RECENTLY SOLD $2,500,000
Durham Woods
1,000± acres Calhoun County, Florida
RECENTLY SOLD $2,100,000
Spring Hill
620± acres Taylor & Schley Counties, Georgia
RECENTLY SOLD $1,900,000
Magnolia Lane
385± acres Stewart County, Georgia
RECENTLY SOLD $1,775,000
Clansy Creek Farm
858± acres Crenshaw County, Alabama
RECENTLY SOLD $1,650,000
Gornto Springs Preserve
212± acres Dixie County, Florida
RECENTLY SOLD $1,650,000
Ingwe Farms
391± acres Madison, Florida
RECENTLY SOLD $1,635,000
Ocmulgee Lodge
182± acres Pulaski, Georgia
RECENTLY SOLD $1,578,000
Lily Pad Farm
140± acres Macon County, Georgia
RECENTLY SOLD $1,080,000
Ox Lake Tree Farm
103± acres Jefferson , Florida
RECENTLY SOLD $1,050,000
Open Pond Farm
70± acres Decatur County, Georgia
Ichawaynochaway Creek Retreat
56± acres Baker County, Georgia
Fort Dallas
182± acres Thomas County, Georgia
Buck Shack Farm
29± acres Levy County, Florida
Grey Pond
65± acres Grady County, Georgia
Grey Place
59± acres Grady County, Georgia
Artemis Farms
1,015± acres Macon, Alabama
Evergreen Plantation
762± acres Worth County, Georgia
Our properties are a part of an extremely strong and growing high quality land market during normal times and have exceptional demand during bad times – creating perhaps the perfect financial hedge.

If you are simply looking for a high quality recreational property, why not choose one with the additional features such that it makes it a better and more liquid investment. Either way our Social Storm® trained agents are available to help. We offer very discrete and confidential analysis of any property whether we have it listed or not.

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