Evergreen Plantation

Properties of this quality very rarely come on the market in Worth County.

  • 762 acres high-quality recreational timber investment property located in Worth County, GA
  • 9-acre lake, 6.3-acre lake, 1.2-acre pond, 2.1-acre pond
  • 1.5 miles of Tiger Creek runs through property, including mature hardwoods
  • Managed for turkey and deer, as well as great fishing
  • 1.5 miles frontage on Evergreen Rd., .75 miles on Douthit Rd.
  • Year-round protein feeding program for deer, food plots, 8 Redneck blinds in place, four tower stands
  • Substantial mature pine timber stands for future timber revenue
  • Approx. 1,600 sq ft lakeside cabin with boathouse, 3 BR/2BA
  • 7 miles to Sylvester, GA; 23 miles to Albany, GA; 28 miles to Tifton, GA
  • Borders other large landowners
  • Good roads throughout; rolling topography; excellent soils
  • Numerous groves of mature sawtooth oaks, persimmon trees, plum trees, and chestnut trees, along with long leaf pine stands and native grasses interspersed with mature hardwood stands
  • Two 4-inch wells

Evergreen Plantation consists of approximately 762 acres of high-quality recreational turn-key timber investment property located in Worth County, GA, which includes a fully-furnished 3BR/2BA lakeside cabin for entertaining family and friends.  This property has 2 lakes, with a boathouse, and 2 ponds for excellent fishing.  Condo Redneck blinds in place for your hunting comfort; great for letting youth or guests experience the great outdoors. Numerous mature orchards planted over a decade ago contain sawtooth oaks, fruit trees, chestnut trees, and plum trees, which produce an abundant wildlife attraction and nutrition. Substantial timber value for cash flows for years to come.

Evergreen Plantation is the beneficiary of wisdom from the forefathers of Worth County who understood the intrinsic value of wildlife for the county.  Today Worth County is regarded as one of the most renouned counties in the southeast for producing high-quality and quantity of whitetails.  Please see below 1957 and 1981 articles regarding the history of relocation of the Wisconsin deer...some within just a few miles from Evergreen Plantation.

Evergreen and its Social Storm Property Attributes are Highly Ranked. This Social Storm property belongs to a unique asset class with key property attributes that investors gravitate to for safety in bad times and buy for a recreation reward in good times.

Located just seven miles to Sylvester, GA; 23 miles to Albany, GA; and 28 miles to Tifton, GA, Evergreen Plantation is ideally located in the famed Albany Area Plantation Belt, and borders other large, like-minded landowners.

Sylvester Local, Published Thursday, April 3, 1957; Worth County Wildlife Club Orders Deer For Game Reserve:

“The Worth County Wildlife Club has ordered a number of deer to stock the wildlife reserve at Minton; a number of which were pledged by individuals and some by business houses, including the Sylvester Banking Company, Shepard's Fertilizer Company, Doerun, C. O. Smith Fertilizer Company, Moultrie, and Toney Brothers of Doerun. Individuals pledged 22 of the deer.

Most of the pledges were made at a meeting of the club Monday night at the Minton school cafetorium, after David Jones had given an interesting talk on the importance of wildlife to a community.

It has been brought out at these club meetings that, contrary to the general belief that wild deer and turkeys would destroy crops on nearby farms, they actually do not eat growing corn or cotton as do cows or hogs; so there is no danger to crop damage.

Charles Jones, Jr. president, and Haywood L. Brown, secretary, this week, thanked those who have made contributions of wildlife to the reserve, saying that their support of this worthwhile program, and also as members, would be of great assistance to the contributors, and would also be a great help to the entire club.

They asked the support of every citizen of Worth County in carrying out this program by helping the club to protect the deer and turkeys from being shot and from being killed by dogs, which run loose in summer, also by reporting to the warden anyone breaking the rules. This will greatly assist in the efforts to replace wild game in Worth County, they said.

As soon as the deer arrive, they will be turned loose in the reserve, and the public will be notified through the Sylvester Local, these officers said.

Further information about the club is available through the county agents, Charles Jones, Jr, president, or H. L. Brown, secretary.”

 Sylvester Local Paper, Published Thursday, 12/24/81; Worth Deer Imported Over 20 Years Ago:

“Hunters trekking through Worth County woods in search of the "perfect" deer are hunting deer native to Worth County; however, the forefathers of these deer were imported over 20 years ago by the Worth County Wildlife Club, which still meets.

In the 1950s, hunters were dismayed at the total lack of deer in Worth County. They appealed to the Department of Natural Resources to stock Worth County with some hearty deer, but were denied their requests because the DNR felt Worth County terrain unsuitable for a deer habitat.

Not agreeing to the findings of the DNR, a group of Worth County men decided to populate the county with deer themselves. They decided to form the Worth County Wildlife Club with each membership costing the price of one imported deer, or $35.

Over a period of three years, 124 deer were brought down from Babcock, Wisconsin, and were released into the woods of Worth County near Anderson City.

The first load of 40 deer were delivered to Worth County from Wisconsin in the Autumn of 1957.

On January 5, 1958, Leon Hancock of Anderson City drove an 18-wheeler to Babcock, Wisconsin to pick up the second load of the deer. Accompanying Hancock were Bobby Brown and Floyd Hawkins. The load of 44 deer was made up of 23 bucks and 21 does, all ranging from one to two years in age.

A third trip to Wisconsin for 40 more deer was made in January 1959 by Hancock. Although the facts are not verified, it is reported that approximately 100 deer were released in southern Worth County while 20 were released in northern Colquitt County.

Hayward Brown has been termed the "daddy" of the project as he first conceived the idea and was responsible for organizing the efforts.

The first season hunting of the new deer allowed was in 1963. A two deer limit was imposed, but hunters were allowed to use dogs; and the deer population was almost wiped out. The following year the season was shortened to 12 days, and dogs were illegal.

Since the county was stocked, Worth County has been termed one of the best deer hunting areas in the state. In 1973, Boyd Jones of Florida tied the world's record for the largest deer with a deer weighing approximately 340 pounds, a record which is still unbeaten.

In addition to being large, Worth County deer are prized for their fine racks (antlers) which often range from eight to twelve points on the five through seven year old bucks. Examples of these racks can be found hanging in Golden’s Feed and Seed Store where Pearson Golden and his son Bryan, both avid deer hunters, have several heads mounted.

In addition to mounting the Heads, the Goldens save the skins, tan them, and use them to make chairs. The tail, they mount on a handle and use as a duster.

Although most of the men who were responsible for the importation of large Wisconsin deer are growing older and don't hunt as often as they used to, the deer are still thriving in a county the DNR found unsuitable for deer; and they promised to multiply for many years hence.”



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Evergreen Plantation

  • 762 acres high-quality recreational timber investment property located in Worth County, GA
  • 9-acre lake, 6.3-acre lake, 1.2-acre pond, 2.1-acre pond
  • 7 miles to Sylvester, GA; 23 miles to Albany, GA; 28 miles to Tifton, GA
  • Borders other large landowners
  • 1.5 miles of Tiger Creek runs through property, including mature hardwoods
  • Substantial mature pine timber stands for future timber revenue
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