The Kohler Chronicles – A JKA Short Film Collection

When Jon Kohler & Associates was founded in 1991 the goal was to expand the role of a land broker to a higher level, to go beyond the traditional transaction. This niche is so much more than just great land, as such, we dedicate our time to preserving time-honored traditions and generational dedication, to supporting like-minded brands and conservation groups, and to cherishing moments with tired bird dogs or days afield with some of the south’s greatest stewards. In the following videos, you’ll find a collection of short films exclusively produced by our team to uphold the land, lifestyle, and legacies we hold so dearly.

The Genesis of Southern Land Stewardship

Land stewardship is a Biblical concept shared by many in this niche. This short film celebrates God’s creation and the great land stewards before us. Those whom share a common conservation and land stewardship ethic, those who have taught us how to care for land, and helped instill a deep and sincere reverence for the land. Join us as we celebrate the “Genesis of the Southern Land Steward.

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