The Kohler Chronicles – A JKA Short Film Collection

When Jon Kohler & Associates was founded in 1991 the goal was to expand the role of a land broker to a higher level, to go beyond the traditional transaction. This niche is so much more than just great land, as such, we dedicate our time to preserving time-honored traditions and generational dedication, to supporting like-minded brands and conservation groups, and to cherishing moments with tired bird dogs or days afield with some of the south’s greatest stewards. In the following videos, you’ll find a collection of short films exclusively produced by our team to uphold the land, lifestyle, and legacies we hold so dearly.

The Thrill of the Bobwhite

Quail season is coming. The beat of hooves on solid ground, the whistle of the handler, the click of the receiver closing, and the sweet explosion of the covey burst. There’s nothing quite like it.

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