Do you own timber, ranch or farmland and would like to explore opportunities on how you too could profit from today’s recreational land market? Today, recreational land values are rising exponentially. The more recreational and Social Storm™ Properties attributes we can show, the more your property is worth. Many times, we can show significant improved value, without the landowner having to do a whole lot, thorough what we call our “Working Lands Program.”

Our firm closes an average of $500,00 a day, seven days a week of land.

Our average price in 2023 was an amazing $5,548 per acre over 17,806 acres.

We are the experts at showing land value and have a “Rolodex” of buyers both recreationally and working lands. Our buyers are used to seeing lands in the $5,000 per acre range and up. If your property is worth less than this, then there is a great chance that we can use our knowledge to pull your property value up too.


Our methodology, our agents, and how we market land is different than other brokers. It’s common for this difference to become a profit center for our clients. For 2022, Jon Kohler received the highest honor the real estate industry awards, achieving the title “National Recreational Land Broker of the Year” and our LandLeader partner, Todd Renfrew, has been named “National Ranch Broker of the Year.” Literally, no one has the record, knowledge, or experience on achieving top dollar for working lands in today’s market than we do.

We are now expanding our successful “Working Land Program” to more landowners, places that we can show intrinsic value, show that if a few improvements were made the land would…should…be worth more now. Our agents can now help on properties as small as 100 acres.

If you own timber, ranch or farmland and want to learn how you too can profit from what we do, simply reach out to any of our agents.

Working Lands That Benefit Most:

  Timberland with some intrinsic value, something unique

  Farmland combined with good hunting 

  Property with live or open water 

  Social Storm™ Properties

  Ranch land with a good wildlife component 

  Lands not yet under conservation easement 

  Property that is superior to those nearby 

About Jon Kohler & Associates

Since 2010, Jon Kohler & Associates is renowned for closing over $1.3 billion dollars in sales and an average of 598 acres per day – while commanding some of the highest land prices in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina. We have buyers that partner with us, buy lands to improve them, enter our marketing program and profit heavily. Essentially, through our help, we assist landowners in “jumping” asset classes into the next higher level.

With Our Market and Habitat Knowledge, we are offering a new program focused specifically on working lands. Many times, on ranches, timberland, and small-to-large farms minor improvements can be done to greatly increase value to the next higher-up asset class, whether that be through recreational use, timber management, or promoting Social Storm™ properties. Our new complimentary “Working Lands Program” allows you to profit from our knowledge while spending a minimal amount on improvements. Learn how you can increase your property’s value today!

If you own a working lands property, you’ve watched the news and thought there should be a way for you and your family to capitalize on today’s opportunity, we recommend you give us a call. Your instincts are probably right – and you may be surprised about what our program can do for you.

How it Works?

Many of the high-quality recreational and high-end properties we have represented in the past were at one-time working lands. Once, arguably unpolished, these lands were sold to folks who improved them and by doing so, made a lot of money. The famed Deep Creek Plantation (sold three times by JKA), Walker Springs (sold five times by JKA), Magnolia Hall (sold two times by JKA), Honey Lake (sold three times by JKA) are all now renowned as a one-of-a-kind asset class.

Our specialty is identifying how a property can be improved with just a little infusion of capital and then taking it to the next level. We have closed over $300M for investors who we showed where and how the land could be worth more, that did just that. With our new “Working Lands Program” you can profit from this knowledge yourself.


What do you have to do? Simply trust us to do our job like over


acres of other landowners have. If we don’t perform, we not only don’t get paid, but we lose a lot… much, much more than a typical broker. We have major “skin in the game” on the listings we accept, from the short films we make, to our full-time marketing staff, and LandLeader infrastructure. The reason we can do this is because of our “Rolodex” of buyers and our proven marketing machine.

Who Will You Meet?

Dedicated servant leaders, and landowners making their living by helping similar landowners:

Jon Kohler

Jon Kohler

Walter Hatchett

Walter Hatchett

Cole Schwab

Cole Schwab

Lori Weldon

Lori Weldon

Tim James Jr.

Tim James

Nick Williams

Brett Bryan

Kat Billings

Bruce & Donna Ratliff

Scott Sumner

Scott Sumner

Kat Billings

Jason Hewett

Scott Sumner

Chip Byrd

Kat Billings

Knox Daniels

What Type of Property Works Best?

Land that has historically been balanced between good stewardship and income through timber, farming, or cattle works best. What we do is use our experience and weigh the costs and time of improving your property to the next higher asset class. We then advise you of your ability to capture some of this added value – which may mean you do nothing but rely 100% on our marketing – or may mean a balance of implemented improvements combined with our value add. Either way, it costs you nothing to see if our program would benefit you.

What You Get

An opportunity to capitalize on our knowledge and ability to market these lands, to take advantage of our Social Storm™ Properties asset class and achieve prices and sales that outperform even what we saw during “irrational exuberance,” but this time, to other like-minded folks who most often share a love for the land and the legacy of it.

Find Out More About This Complimentary Program HERE or Call Us for a Free Consult.

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