Some of the Finest Properties Across the Southeast
  • <h1>AVAILABLE - <span class='em'>Greenwood Plantation</span></em></h1><p>The best of the southeast, Thomasville's most historic and ecologically significant plantation is now for sales after 115 years. <a href='' target='_new'>Visit the Greenwood Plantation Site»</a></p>
  • <h1>Valhalla Plantation - <span class='em'>AVAILABLE</span></h1><p>2,410 acres in Leon County, Florida, was originally part of Chemonie Plantation and is located in the world famous Red Hills Plantation Belt. <a href='' target='_new'>Visit the Valhalla Plantation Site»</a></p>
  • <h1><span class='em'>Social Storm™ Properties</span></h1><p>More and more Americans who are concerned with the future of our country are calling us because they know we can find them a sustainable property, built on self-reliance, and an ideal hedge.   <a href='' target='_new'>Click here to learn more.»</a></p>
  • <h1>Longpine Plantation - <span class='em'>SOLD July 2014</span></h1><p>Ford Family's private 5,850 acre Thomasville quail plantation sold. <a href='' target='_new'>Visit the Site»</a></p>
  • <h1><span class='em'>Ranches & Cattle Conversion Properties</span></h1><p>The trend for properties for food 
production continues upward. We have several cattle conversions going 
on now and can help assemble a team and plan on other potential 
conversion properties.  <a href=' Land'>Email us for more information»</a></p>
  • <h1>Bent Knee Plantation - <span class='em'>AVAILABLE</span></h1><p>674 Acre high-fenced plantation groomed for trophy deer, turkey, and bass. Spectacular family retreat outside Athens, Georgia. <a href='' target='_new'>Visit the Bent Knee Plantation Site»</a></p>
  • <h1><span class='em'>HIGH FENCED PROPERTIES!</span></h1><p>Jon Kohler & Associates has the best selection of high fenced properties! <a href=' Fenced Properties'><br />
Email us for more information»</a></p>
  • <h1>Horseshoe Plantation - <span class='em'>Under Contract </span></h1><p>An Incredible Preserve of Ancient Hardwoods on 2119+/- Acres
with Over 6 Miles of River Frontage and is Now Regarded as One of the Best Buys for High-Quality Land in Georgia! <a href='' target='_new'>Visit the Horseshoe Plantation Site»</a></p>
  • <h1>SOLD! Covey Pointe Plantation</h1><p>Just Reduced to $2.6M, and in a prestigious area that few people know about bordered by large ranches and good soils. <a href='' target='_new'>Visit the Covey Pointe Site»</a></p>
  • <h1>A-Cross Ranch - <span class='em'>Sold!</span></h1><p>The A Cross Ranch is one of the most outstanding fly fishing and recreational ranches in the lower continental United States. Sold.</p>
  • <h1>Chinquapin Plantation - <span class='em'>SOLD!</span></h1><p>Chinquapin Plantation in Thomasville sold Dec 2012. The adjacent Sky Meadows is now under contract. The mansion was built by the business partner of Henry Rockefeller &  has received national acclaim…<a href='' target='_new'>Visit the Chinquapin Plantation Site»</a></p>

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We are a boutique real estate firm in the plantation niche. Scroll down the page for a sampling of the finest plantations in the south. We also specialize in many other high quality investment classes, highlighted here:



Upcoming sealed-bid auction on Oldfields Plantation! Sealed Bid Deadline: Sept 25, 2014 at 2:00 PM ET!



With food inflation and shortages forcasted, agricultural land is where investors want to be.



A High Fence means protecting your property with the utmost in security and privacy!



Many land investors in today's uncertain times have contacted us about wholesome, family safe-haven properties.



We've done timber deals up to 124,000 acres!

Longpine Sale in National News - Wallstreet Journal
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McMillan Place
3,549± Acres - North Florida
JUST SOLD 8/25/14

Longpine Plantation
6,000± Acres - Thomasville, Georgia
JUST SOLD 7/22/14

Horseshoe Plantation
2,119± Acres - Middle Georgia

Dorsey Place
1,011± Acres - SW Georgia
JUST SOLD 7/1/14

Long Pond Plantation
1,632± Acres - Madison, FL
SOLD 4/11/14

Valley View
760± Acres - Live Oak, FL

Spread Oak Plantation
1104± Acres - NE Florida
SOLD Jan. 2014

Ivy Creek Farm
2400± Acres - Alabama
SOLD Nov. 2013

Shell Creek Plantation
4,000± Acres - Alabama

Rocky Comfort
1,041± Acre recreational property - Gadsden Co, FL

Covey Pointe
777 Acre Turn-key wiregrass longleaf pine plantation - Southwest Georgia

Old Harrell Place
361± Acre ag conversion - Suwannee Co, FL
SOLD Sept 2013

Hankins Lake Ranch
Premier 341 Acre Ranch - Madison County
SOLD Jul. 2013

660 Acres
Timber & Recreational Property
Jefferson County, Florida
SOLD Jun. 2013

Sky Meadows
904 Acres bordering Chinquapin - Thomasville
SOLD Jun. 2013

Southern Heritage Plantation
7,000 Acre Albany Quail Plantation
SOLD Apr. 2013

Florida Preserve
High-Fenced Property Gadsden County
SOLD Apr. 2013

Little Ochlocknee Plantation
445 Acres in Thomasville, GA
SOLD Jan. 2013

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Longpine Plantation

Greenwood Plantation


Greenwood is one of the last great estates in America, and Jon Kohler & Associates' sole instruction is to bring only those buyers suitable to carry on the legacy of all past owners of this Thomasville plantation. This is the first time in 112 years that this historic and ecologically significant property has been made available.
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Longpine Plantation

Longpine Plantation

JUST SOLD - 7/22/14

This 6,000 acre plantation is the one of America's most outstanding private estates. Longpine is where the iconic Thomasville wild quail plantations as we know them today were first established back in 1888! For the first time in two generations, the plantation that the Ford family turned into an icon was available for sale. The wealth in additional timber alone (mostly longleaf) is $1,000± per acre more than the average plantation. It boasts one of the largest contiguous blocks of privately held wiregrass in Georgia and is one of the most significant plantations not yet under a conservation easement.
Click Here to Enter the Investor Site for Longpine Plantation…


Oldfields Plantation


Sealed Bid Deadline - September 25, 2014 at 2:00 PM ET! Oldfields is an iconic wild quail plantation with a classic revival house on 1,725+/- acres just 15 minutes east of Tallahassee, Florida. The house stands on a hilltop surrounded by tall pines, native grasses, and sprawling oaks. As it comes into view from behind the live oaks, it alludes to an era gone-by, but is in fact less than five years old and features all the modern amenities one could want. This plantation is located on the site of a prehistoric city! There are acres of upland quail country, hardwoods, pastures, and ponds. An all-around exceptional recreational property with wild quail, ducks, deer, turkey, fishing, and more.
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Valhalla Plantation, 2,410 acres in Leon County, Florida, was originally part of Chemonie Plantation and is located in the world famous Red Hills Plantation Belt. Valhalla has a lakefront, custom-built 3,600 sq ft main lodge and carriage house, a guest cabin, beautiful horse stables, and miles of high fence. Located just 25 miles from downtown Thomasville and 10 miles from Tallahassee. 
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Kawikee Plantation


Kawikee Plantation is a 4200± acre quail southwest Georgia plantation with two showcase lakes totaling 35 acres. There is a rustic four-bedroom lodge overlooking one of the lakes. Kawikee is a well-known quail hunting property with both wild and pre-season released quail, located about an hour northwest of Albany, and only 30 minutes to the quaint lake-town of Eufaula.
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Longpine Plantation

Half Circle L Ranch


One of Florida's iconic family ranches with distinctive palm hammocks combined with income-producing farmland. A recreational ranch this size and quality is rare while only about an hour from metro areas on both coasts! Surrounded By The Immokalee (Collier) Ranch, Alico Ranch, Dinner Island WMA Area, and Okaloacoochee Slough State Forest. There are 5,299.5 acres available in Collier County, Florida.
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McMillan Place

McMillan Place

JUST SOLD - 8/25/14

This is perhaps the finest cattle conversion opportunity in North Florida. High fertile hills bordered by the Aucilla River on one side and a $36M plantation on the other. Click Here to Read More…




113 acres in Grady County, Georgia. Great mix of plantation quail woods, stocked fishing pond, plantation-style house and camp house, planted timber, and beautiful creek and hardwoods. Click Here to Enter the Investor Site for Mihaven Plantation…

Mays Farm

Mays Farm


Some of the most diverse and beautiful topography, live oaks, hardwoods & timber of any property. These 1,369+/- acres east of Monticello, Florida have an end-of-the-road location, perfect for an off-grid getaway, at one of the most secure and perfect places in North Florida & South Georgia…
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Greenfield is a 508-acre, extremely well-managed farm and recreational property in Colquitt County, Georgia just 25 minutes north of Thomasville. It features two irrigation pivots, a six bedroom house, large barn and grain bins, fencing, fishing pond, planted pines, and more! Investment materials being assembled now.
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Ty Ty Plantation


998.41 acre plantation in Colquitt County, Georgia between Moultrie and Tifton. Excellent wildlife, fishing ponds, timber, and newly built house and barn. Frontage on US 319 as well as both sides of Ty Ty Creek. Email us for immediate information on this new listing!

Dorsey Farm

Dorsey Place

JUST SOLD - JULY 1, 2014

Dorsey Place is not only a very productive agricultural property with irrigated pecan orchards, timber, and cropland, but it also features a five-acre stocked pond, creeks, turkey, duck, quail, and JAW-DROPPING DEER. It almost seems like the past owners of the 1011± acre Dorsey Place had a crystal ball and were able to create the most perfect, wholesome property for a buyer in the market today. Between the cropland and pecans, as well as the hunting lease, this property has several annual income-producing opportunities. Important: Dorsey Place is also outside of the well-moratorium affecting many SW GA counties! A pivot map schematic was drawn up to show the ag-conversion.
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Ivy Creek

Ivy Creek Farm


This is the former Governor of Alabama's showplace property in an exclusive valley in southeastern Alabama surrounded by wholesome, like-minded neighbors and farms. This is an ideal cattle ranch conversion property. Ivy Creek Farm is 2400 acres, with a thirty-acre lake, two well-appointed homes, and a balance of pastoral rolling fields, pristine hardwoods, spring-fed creeks, river frontage, and amazing hill country. Additional acreage may be available. Click Here for more information…